Talks: net.cube & Dina Karadžić

February 21, 2015, 19:00
Miroslav Kraljević Gallery
29 Šubićeva, Zagreb

The last day of the Open Studio by Dina Karadžić brings an opportunity to talk to the artist and a project presentation of the net.cube project by curators Irena Borić, Martina Kontošić and Renata Šparada, who shared the gallery space for three weeks. A talk with Dina Karadžić and project presentation will take place on Saturday, February 21 at 19 o'clock, at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery in Zagreb.

The gallery has been turned into a workspace not only for Internet communication, but also live interaction. Both the curators and the artist have researched their particular areas of interest and often discussed particular theoretical and practical issues.

Dina Karadžić graduated Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and is currently involved with online experimentation with different digital tools.

"With the rationalization of my own role in common cultural models and the potential for their (auto) obstruction, I am searching for new patterns of cultural activity, which include direct participation on a more regular basis via open transfer and creation of modern cultural capital, rather than a physical (market) object."