net.cube started in January 2015 as part of the Centre for Drama Art programme as a platform for production of internet art. It was established to encourage internet art projects, their contextualization and mapping, as well as the communication among the participants of the media scene.

The title of the project refers to pioneer net art movement of the 1990’s as well as the modernist gallery white cube which we translate and question within specific languages of cyberspace. Architecture of the Internet determines codes, language and modes of production, representation, mediation, documentation and archiving of artworks. The way in which artworks react to the Internet, which includes public, academic, military, corporate, commercial networks, all intertwined by telecommunication technology ranging from hundred-year-old telephone cables to optic and satellite communications, is important. What are the particular conditions of cyberspace in which a work of art operates? Is there a subversive potential? How do hacking and art interwine and support each other?

net.cube analyses deconstruction of the "white cube". It creates an online gallery which in some segments builds upon the idea of material, physical gallery space. We are interested in the ways in which invisible walls of an internet gallery determine the value of the exhibits. If the context determines the content, and "the medium is the message", according to McLuhan, internet artwork defines the gallery and its rules. By exploring the analogy between the "white cube" and cyberspace, we analyse whether internet art only includes the transformation of traditional discourse, rather than innovation (of the art language), as defined by Lev Manovich.

Curators: Irena Borić, Martina Kontošić and Renata Šparada

Web design: Petra Milički
Translation: Una Krizmanić Ožegović
Web development: Bojan Sudarević

Contact: netdotcube@netdotcube.org

Supported by Kultura Nova Foundation, Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.