Results of the call for proposal for new Internet art production for net.cube in 2015

The coordinators of the net.cube project Irena Borić, Martina Kontošić and Renata Šparada have selected the collaborative projects Algoresearch.systems and timeCAPsule for the new productions.

Algoresearch.systems is authored by Hrvoje Hiršl and Luis Rodil-Fernández, while the timeCAPsule is the work of Vedran Gligo and Dina Karadžić.

Algoresearch.systems is a platform for publishing critical essays and works dealing with the ever-present algorithmization of society, in an attempt to analyze and foresee potential problems, solutions and outcomes.

timeCAPsule is a social platform for expressing and (auto)evaluating visionary thinking, futurism and innovation. The project imagines the virtual space for communication between the project and the users, users and users and also anticipates a conclusion date given the predictions based on open questions, varying from political and general to personal. With an offered set of questions, users predict the future on a specific date and after the countdown their predictions are summed up in a mutual space of sci-fi inspiration and communication. Along with the major aspects of utopian and dystopian ideas, the questions also have dual ideological pairings, such as humanism and transhumanism, patriarchy and matriarchy, realism and idealism.