MOP Špancirfest Multimedia Festival:
Internet – the space for presentation, exploitation and experiment

MOP Špancirfest Multimedia Festival, 04.-13. 05. 2017.
12.05.2017, 19:00
Varaždin City Museum
Šetalište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 3, Varaždin

Curators Irena Renata Šparada and Martina Kontošić will present net.cube project and talk about art production, online art, technical challenges and the way in which contemporary art works.

net.cube started in January 2015 as a platform for production of internet art. It was established to encourage internet art projects, their contextualization and mapping, as well as the communication among the participants of the media scene. The title of the project refers to pioneer net art movement of the 1990's as well as the modernist gallery white cube which it translates and questions within specific languages of cyberspace. In 2016 it was dedicated to virtual economies. Authors presented on netdotcube.org are Darko Fritz, Darko Masnec, Igor Štromajer, Vedran Gligo and Dina Karadžić, Hrvoje Hiršl and Luis Rodil-Fernández, Ana Kuzmanić, Francesca Nobilucci and Shona Macnaughton. The project net.cube is curated by Irena Borić, Martina Kontošić and Renata Šparada.