Darko Masnec – Video games as art

December 22, 2015, 20:00
Multimedia Institute (net.culture club mama)
18 Preradovićeva, Zagreb

Darko Masnec - Video games as art

Video games are one of the strongest popular industries and integral to visual culture and cultural economy. As such, they include various concepts from games, interactions, convergence, design, narrative, fun, culture, popular to digital. In this way, they are becoming a representative contemporary digital medium. Exhibition practice and trends on a global scale show that video games are slowly finding their ground within an artistic context, but rather often, the issue of the artistic potential of video games is still controversial and lacks consensus.

Through the artistic issue, video games are exposed not only as a complex media conglomerate, but also speak about the conflicting relation between culture, popular, artistic and their social constructs. The aim is to briefly present video games as a medium, their expressive potential and open up the discussion about artistic and popular within the context.

Darko Masnec (b. 1985, Slovenia) finished his MA studies at the Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where he is currently a teaching assistant and working on his doctoral thesis, Zagreb School of Animation: art and market practice in the context of video games. He is also the author of multi award-winning animated film I already know what I'm hearing. He has worked as an animator on three short film projects and published several articles on animation and video games. He is consistently working with Animafest as a co-mentor at video game workshops. In terms of gallery presence, he as an associate member of the PIT group dealing with contemporary art practice.