Darko Fritz: 200_OK [video webcast archive]

200_OK is part of the Internet Error Messages series initiated in 2001. As an installation in physical space and on the Internet, it has been executed as part of the Fields exhibition. HTTP message (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) 200 OK was executed as a horticultural unit in the Riga Botanical Gardens in 2014. The installation and its immediate surrounding were under video surveillance and broadcast live online, as a continuous three-month webcast. The 200 OK message says the request has succeeded, even though the message itself is never shown. Darko Fritz relocates the message from computer-to-computer communication into a physical, outside setting, turning it into an esthetic object exposed to constant change, which can be anything from vegetation, different shapes, light or context. The communication is brought back online using cameras, where it originally started, establishing a tautological equivalent between the code and the image of the message. This work uses selected footage from the video surveillance and brings the content back online after the webcast.